ZOE XL2 DELUXE Double Umbrella Stroller Review 0

Having one child is great, but having two is an absolute miracle that brings joy to parents everywhere. However, even with all of that happiness also comes more work as well as more tools that are needed to take care of your multiple kids, with one of the most necessary tools being a good stroller.

When you have two kids you will obviously need a stroller that can accommodate both of them, and not only does it need to be able to fit two kids, but it also has to be able to provide them with security and safety, and needs it to provide you with versatility, durability, and ease of use. The ZOE XL2 DELUXE Double Umbrella Stroller makes for a good option so we decided to do a detailed review on it. You can check the current price here.


One of the best features about this double stroller is that it only weighs approximately 19 pounds. Even though this stroller is fairly big in order to fit two children, it still maintains a very light weight in order to make it easy to push and lift around from one spot to another.

Moreover this stroller can also fold down into a small and compact package with the click of a button in order to make it easy to store or to put in the trunk of your car. When it comes to portability, this stroller is definitely a great option.

Another thing that is great about this double stroller is that it features highly adjustable seats, each of which can be individually reclined back to 135 degrees so you can keep your child comfortable all day long. The seats of this stroller also feature a classic five point harness system, a system which is proven to keep your children safe and secure for the duration of your journey.

The next feature of this stroller that makes it a good choice for anyone with two children is that it has a four panel individually adjustable sun canopy. Each sun canopy can be adjusted to fit the specific needs of each child in the stroller, thus making it a very versatile item no doubt. Other things that make this a very convenient stroller include the ample under carriage storage space that it comes with, the multiple pockets for toys, phones, and keys, and the cup holders too.

This stroller is also ideal for you because it has great wheels, with the front wheels being double wheels in order to provide you and your children with a whole lot of stability. Moreover the wheels are specifically designed to absorb shock to keep your kids as comfortable as can be. Plus, the back wheels feature a great brake locking system so that you can be sure that the stroller won’t move around when you take your hands off of it.

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  • Locking wheel brakes.
  • Durable and shock absorbing wheels.
  • Individually adjustable canopies.
  • Individually adjustable seats.
  • Ample storage space.
  • Cup and key holders.
  • Very light weight.
  • Folds for easy transportation.


  • Wheels may break after prolonged use.
  • Slightly on the large side.


If you are on the hunt for a good double stroller that will serve you and your children’s needs then the ZOE is a great choice to consider. It has some awesome features that make it a very safe, versatile, durable, and convenient choice to go with.