When Do You Need A Pregnancy Pillow? 0

One of the most amazing phases in a woman’s life is having a baby. Being pregnant brings so much change to a woman’s body – the stomach gets larger, the weight increases, and more. These changes can also bring discomfort and pain to different parts of the body.

At the start of the first trimester, soon to be moms don’t feel much body pain. But as the tummy grows bigger, they may start to feel exhausted and find it difficult to sleep in a comfortable position.

Having a big tummy while you lie in bed is a huge challenge. And if you’re normally a stomach sleeper, your sleep habits will have to be altered as this is usually both uncomfortable and potentially harmful to the baby.

Fortunately, there are pregnancy and baby essentials that will make your pregnancy comfortable and less painful. Pregnancy pillows are the best examples.

What are Pregnancy Pillows?

Pregnancy pillows are pillows with different sizes and shapes that provide support to the back, hips, legs, and stomach of pregnant women. They usually come in shapes such as U, C, and J, as well as in wedges.

When To Have A Pregnancy Pillow?

There is no right answer, in fact, you don’t have to be pregnant to use it. The need to have a pregnancy pillow depends on each pregnant woman because pregnant bellies grow at different rates for all women. But you don’t have to wait for your tummy to get bigger. You can use it as early as the first month or even if you are not pregnant.

Pregnancy pillows give comfort and support to body parts to make your sleep deeper and so that you wake up without feeling any pain in your back, hips, and other body parts.

Benefits of Using Pregnancy Pillow

Because pregnant women complain of the same issues especially the discomfort caused by increasing weight and alargerstomach, manufacturers have created pregnancy essentials to provide the care they need. A pregnancy pillow is a life saver for many women. Here are some benefits of using pregnancy pillows:

– It Supports the Stomach. Pregnancy pillows have special designs to lessen the pressure on the spine and neck by supporting the back. Therefore, they help pregnant women to sleep comfortably without feeling pain in the back or hips when they wake up in the morning.

– It promotes Relaxed Sleep. Pregnant women need more relaxed sleeping hours to ensure that they are well rested and can continue with their daily activities. Since pregnancy pillows come in different sizes and shapes, pregnant women can choose which one is the best for their condition and sleeping styles. The use of pregnancy pillows promote relaxed sleep.

– It Prevents Allergies. Pregnancy pillows are made of hypoallergenic materials that prevents skin diseases, allergies, and breathing problems.

– It is Multi Functional. Pregnancy pillows are not only ideal during pregnancy. In fact, you can used it as nursing pillow during breastfeeding or as a barrier to preventa baby from falling off the bed. It can also be used even by men or non pregnant women for more comfortable sleeping positions.


Pregnancy pillows are a very useful pregnancy essential. They provide support to the spine and neck to prevent pain in the back, hips, and stomach accompanied by the increasing weight and bigger stomach. It can be used in any stage.

In fact, even non pregnant women can use it for more comfortable sleep. After giving birth, pregnancy pillows can also serve as a nursing pillow or to provide a barrier to prevent the baby from falling off the bed.

Therefore, purchasing a pregnancy pillow during any stage of pregnancy is a good ideas. Having one will allow you to support to any part of your body to lessen the pain or simply just to have something to snuggle with. Truly, pregnancy pillows are very essential for you and the whole family.