Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow Review 0

There are many ways to stay comfortable during your pregnancy and a pregnancy pillow is one way for you and your baby to sleep well. Soon-to-be mothers experience back pain or hip pain at night without a comfortable pillow to sleep with.

The contours of the body change during pregnancy and it is good to be able to find a pillow that can mold into these contours comfortably. Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow offers a good night’s rest and comfort for you during pregnancy.

Most pregnant mothers experience lower back pain or hip pain which is why proper support for these areas is important especially at night. There is an increased need for comfort during sleep with these kinds of pain present. This is why a good pregnancy pillow should be able to support your body and your belly and provide you a comfortable rest at night.


It’s hard to get a decent sleep when your pillow can’t accommodate the needs for comfort of your body especially during pregnancy. Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow cradles your entire body with its improved lumbar support system that allows your lower back to be held by the soft contours of the pillow.

Having back pain is quite common during pregnancy. This pregnancy pillow provides good support for your lower back which adjusts to your growing baby which is the main cause of back or hip pain.

It is good for preventing hip and back pain during pregnancy since the pillow is designed to provide comfort especially in these areas where pain is commonly felt during pregnancy. Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow knows that comfort is essential for mothers which is why the design helps target these parts of the body that experience pain and support them well and comfortably.

It has an inner curve to support your belly so that you and your baby can be well-rested. It also has a design to also support your legs for a side sleeping position. It also has a Shoulder Comfort system that wraps around your shoulders for a relaxed and comfortable sleeping position.

This pillow was made specially to give comfort to pregnant mothers during sleep. This ensures that entire body is in a comfortable and relaxed position while this pillow is being used. Even when changing your sleeping position, this pillow is big enough to cradle whichever side of your body you sleep on.

It has a 200 thread count with a polyester-cotton blend of fillers is durable and soft. It is easy to wash and clean with its removable washable cover. And it is available in 4 different colors depending on your preference.


  • The Shoulder Comfort system provides a suitable support for your shoulder for a side sleeping position.
  • The design of the pregnancy pillow cradles the body and even your belly for a comfort and good support during sleep.
  • The lumbar or lower back support gives you a relax sleeping position that will allow your body to be well-rested. This helps in preventing lower back pain as pregnancy progresses.
  • It has a removable and washable cover that comes off easily so you can wash it if need be.
  • The pillow on the soft side which allows it to mold into your body’s contours comfortably.


  • Because of the 50/50 polyester-cotton filler, the pillow sometimes deflates so it is best to know what type of softness in a pillow you prefer.
  • The pillow is non-returnable because of hygiene purposes so it is best to be sure that the place where you will be buying this pillow can give you this pregnancy pillow in good quality.


Having a good night’s rest is important to keep you and your baby healthy and happy. If you prefer a soft pillow instead of a firm one, consider the Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow. It is soft and molds into your body’s contours because of its design that cradles the body comfortably. It features a Shoulder Comfort system for side sleeping positions and a lumbar support to make you feel well-rested.

Having backache and pain during pregnancy is normal but if you want to use a pregnancy pillow to give you a good night’s rest, consider this pregnancy pillow. It is a good pregnancy pillow to purchase especially if you are in need of a pillow that will alleviate body pain during sleep. Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow provides a full body support especially for a side sleeping position.

If you are changing your sleeping position, there is no need to worry about changing the position of your pillow because this pregnancy pillow wraps comfortably around your whole body.

This pillow was specifically made for pregnant mothers with the intention of providing comfort and a good night’s sleep. There’s always a good reason to purchase a pregnancy pillow that will help you rest well and have good mornings and if you are interested in that, maybe this is the pillow for you.