Pregnancy Pillow Versus Body Pillow 0

We traditionally use pillows as aids to sleeping, lying, or sitting to support the neck, back, and other parts of the body. Pillows come in different sizes and designs. Some pillows are used as decorative parts of couches and chairs; some are throw pillows which are not intended for support or comfort.

There are three types of pillow – bed pillows, orthopedic pillows, and decorative pillows.  Bed pillows are ideal with the size of the bed – twin bed is best with standard pillow while a queen sized bed is best with larger pillows.

Another type of pillow is the orthopedic pillow which provide support to body parts such as the neck, spine, head or tailbone when sleeping becomes uncomfortable.

Pregnant women also need pillows to support the growing baby inside their tummy. Sleeping with a large stomach and a baby inside the womb is uncomfortable and often causes back pain and leg cramps.

Worried or confused about which type of pillow to use? You may choose anything between the body pillow and the pregnancy pillow but not definitely with throw or decorative pillows. To help you decide between the body pillow and the pregnancy pillow, here are some comparison:

Body Pillow

If you’re a pregnant woman, you can use body pillows to make your sleep comfortable. You can use at least two body pillows – one for the upper body and one for the legs. You can elevate your body or feet with a body pillow.

But hours after you fall asleep, these pillows might already be in a different position or might have fallen to the floor. Therefore, many soon to be mothers find them comfortable but not for the long run.

Body pillows also come in different sizes. They may promote good sleep but are uncertain to be capable of providing comfort or alleviate waking you up body aches. Since these pillows have a tendency to move around the bed or onto the floor, you also have the tendency to wake up uncomfortably.

Pregnancy Pillows

Sleeping or lying with a large tummy and worrying about the comfort of the baby is a not a little thought to deal with. Pregnancy pillows are designed to support pregnant women and their babies at night. They come in different sizes and shapes such as the wedge, U- shaped, bean shaped, and more.

They provide support for the baby bump, neck, shoulder, back, legs, and even the whole body. They help pregnant women to sleep or lay in on their side which is ideal for people who suffer back pain and neck pain.

Unlike body pillows, pregnant pillows won’t limit your movement or fall from their position. Hence, you can sleep comfortably and uninterrupted and wake up without any body aches because of a wrong sleeping position.

Another advantage of using pregnancy pillows is that you can still use them even after you give birth. They can be used when nursing the baby or as a barrier when you put the baby on the bed. Aside from support for the baby bump, pregnancy pillows can also be used to help relieve back pain for men and non-pregnant women.

Body Pillow Vs. Pregnancy Pillow

The type of pillow you choose while pregnant won’t be prescribed by your doctor. As long as you are comfortable and don’t hurt yourself or your baby, any pillow will do.

But according to reviews and mothers, the pregnancy pillow is an ideal choice because it provides maximum support and doesn’t move or fall off when you start moving while you sleep.

The pregnancy pillow is not only good for pregnant women, it is also ideal to lessen the back pain and neck pain of men and non-pregnant women. Generally, pregnancy pillows and body pillows are around the same price. To sum up all this, the pregnancy pillow is a good choice – whether you’re pregnant or just seeking support for your body.