Pregnancy Pillow Benefits 0

Sleeping with a baby bump can be uncomfortable and as a result of your growing belly, you might even wake up in the morning feeling that your neck, back or whole body is sore. You may also wake up with leg cramps. Sleep often becomes disrupted as a result of pregnancy.

The good thing is that there is a type of pillow especially designed for expecting mother – the pregnancy pillow. It comes in different shapes and sizes. Each size and shape has different benefits but all of them have one in common – they provide comfort and support for the whole body.

According to testimonials, women who slept with a pregnancy pillow felt a lot more comfortable than with regular body pillows. They are easily adjustable (you can adjust it to your tummy, back, or legs) but they are not easily moved when you lay or sleep.

Doctors recommend to sleep on your side and not on the belly because it exerts pressure; thus, a pregnancy pillow is an essential sleeping companion for soon to be mommies and baby.

Pregnancy pillows are interesting. Even non pregnant women can use it to lessen back pain and provide more sleeping comfort. Here are the other benefits of pregnancy pillows:

  • Improves the Circulation of Blood

Since doctors recommend that mothers should sleep on their side, specifically on the left, as the baby starts to gain weight, this might cause poor blood circulation. A pregnancy pillow helps mothers move in different directions easily and helps them sleep comfortably. Pregnancy pillows allow your hip and back to be relaxed during sleep. With constant movement freely while in bed, healthy blood circulation is being maintained.

  • Promotes Correct Sleeping Position

Some women may be used to sleeping on their stomach, but during pregnancy this can be a dangerous sleeping position. It might put the baby in danger or put the mother in an undesirable condition. With proper use of a pregnancy pillow, expectant moms can avoid the wrong sleeping position, make them move easily and prevent them from sleeping on their stomach.

  • Longer Use

Did you know that pregnancy pillows can also be used by men and non-pregnant women? They can also support the back and reduce back pain, neck pain and abdominal pain. After birth, pregnancy pillows can be used as barrier for babies to prevent them from falling off the bed or keeping them in their place.

  • Eliminates Body Pain and Heartburn

Stress and body pain are results of weight gain during pregnancy. Pregnancy pillows provide enough cushion and softness needed by the body to eliminate pain and discomfort.

  • Calms Down Pregnant Women

Soon to be moms are a bit conscious and paranoid when it comes to their babies in their tummies. They worry that they might sleep on their tummy. Pregnancy pillows remove this worry and calm them down.

  • Promotes Good Sleep

Getting enough sleep is important during pregnancy. Lack of sleep can negatively affect women who need to be well rested for their daily lives. Pregnancy pillows promote good sleep because they keep away pain and discomfort and therefore they promote good sleep. 

When To Use Pregnancy Pillows

Doctors recommend the use of a pregnancy pillow by the fourth month. You won’t feel its benefits at first and you might have a bit of buyer’s remorse. But by the seventh month, you will love your pregnancy pillow and feel as if you can’t live without it.

Most pregnant women who don’t use a pregnancy pillow by the sixth month have more tendency to feel pain in the hips and back when they wake up in the morning.

Therefore to avoid this discomfort for you and your baby, choose among the hundreds of kinds and designs of pregnancy pillows that are available io the market today. Read the reviews or ask your fellow moms which kinds of pregnancy pillows are durable and provide long lasting comfort.

Pregnancy pillows are not to be put away once the baby comes out. It is even more useful when nursing a baby and can still be used for the next pregnancy.