Oversized – Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow 0

Are you expecting and experiencing some sleeping issues and body pain? If you are not overall comfortable because of the added weight in your abdominal area, then you have to seek relief or it will have an effect on your pregnancy. There is relief for this issue, and it comes in the form of the maternity pillow, specifically, the Blowout Bedding’s Total Body Maternity Pillow.

What is a pregnancy/maternity pillow then? This is not your ordinary pillow for it was designed to provide support and align the hip and back of pregnant women while sleeping. A sound sleep and the lack of stress around affected areas often leads to a happy, healthier mother so why not try out a pregnancy pillow?


  • 100-inch total length
  • 19-inches total width
  • Soft exterior with polyester fill
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Contoured design to fit your natural curves


The pillow is capable of reducing the strain felt on the back and the pelvis. It supports all body parts that are often susceptible to pressure. If you use a pregnancy pillow while sleeping, expect to feel less strain on your back and pelvic areas.

You will also experience an improved sleeping posture. Pregnant women are often told not to sleep on their stomach or backs. This is to ensure that pressure does not build up on a number of blood vessels and sensitive parts on your body, which can reduce proper blood circulation to the child within. The item will provide total protection against those issues not only to you, but to your baby as well.

The product is downright flexible since it can accommodate anybody no matter their height or size. It is also capable of adjusting itself to the varying sleeping positions that the user prefers. Furthermore, there is a drawing pressure that is always placed on a pregnant mother’s belly and it maximizes during sleep, most especially on the sides. The pillow will be able to alleviate this effect thus the pressure will be diminished.

A maternity pillow is capable of maintaining good alignment of the neck, back, hips and shoulders, thus the pain and discomfort that these parts usually experience will be prevented. Its design follows the natural contours and curves of an expectant mother, thus decreasing the tendency to succumb to body aches.

The product is made from hypoallergenic materials which can prevent common allergens like mites, pollen and pet dander since it is non-permeable. This pillow can be used by those who experience allergy and asthma attacks. For maintenance, users can easily wash the item in a washing machine and it can be dried quickly.


The pillow requires much more maintenance than a regular pillow would. You have to fluff it regularly to maintain its shape. You have to follow manufacturer’s specifications on how to provide correct maintenance procedures on the product.

The product comes in light colors like white, meaning it can get dirty easily. In addition, the price of the product is steeper than an average pillow.


Following this full review about Blowout Bedding’s Total Body Maternity Pillow, pregnant mothers who are experiencing those health issues mentioned above will want to try out the product to relieve themselves of the discomforts caused by stress and lack of sleep. This is a pre-natal item that is highly recommended because of the significant benefits it provides.

By making use of this item, you won’t have to call on your doctor as much because you will be having a restful, uninterrupted sleep. You can go on with your daily activities and not worry about the tension your bulging belly produces because at rest and while sleeping, you can fully give in to the advantages of the pregnancy pillow.