Most Comfortable Pregnancy Pillow 0

Being pregnant is not only about excitement and preparation of meeting your new one.With each new milestone of your pregnancy you get discover the wonders of your body and along with the discomfort that pregnancy also brings. Your growing belly can especially bring more challenges to you.

A new size means maternity clothes and difficulty sleeping. Fortunately, many manufacturers create different pregnancy pillows to suit pregnant woman of different sizes, shapes, and sleeping positions. Sleeping comfortably at night is important for the baby, and for the expectant mother as well. You need to keep healthy and as well rested as possible.

The most comfortable pregnancy pillow can’t be just one style, shape, or size. It depends on the needs suited to each woman. To help you choose the most comfortable pregnancy pillow for you, take a look at the following guidelines:

  • Full Length Pregnancy Pillow

This kind of pregnancy pillow is also known as a body pillow. They come in a straight form and are great for hugging but provide little support for your back. Rather than putting multiple regular sized pillows around your body to support your back, a full length pregnancy pillows is one large pillow that stays in place even if you unconsciously toss or move on your bed.

While a full length pregnancy pillow can support your whole body, it is not ideal for back sleepers. It can also take up a lot of space in your bed.

  • Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

One of the most comfortable pillows that does not take up too much space on the bed is the pregnancy wedge pillow. They’re the smaller types of pregnancy pillows and they are the cheapest too. They allow you to sleep in different positions because you can use it under your stomach, under you regular pillow, or behind your back. However, they are small so you still need a regular pillow for your head. They may also be inconsistent with their design and steepness of the slope.

  • Total Body Pregnancy Pillows

They come in different shapes including C, U, and J. They can be wrapped around your body for superior support and comfort. They usually measure five to six feet long and are large enough for women of different heights. You don’t have to wake up being sore because it gives extra support for your front and back. They might be big and bulky and are different to transport, but total body pregnancy pillows provide maximum support and don’t require a head pillow.

How to Determine the Most Comfortable Pregnancy Pillow

There are several important factors to consider when choosing the most comfortable pregnancy pillow. It’s not the most expensive pillow or the most beautiful in appearance that make pregnancy pillows comfortable. Here are some factors to look for:

– Filling Used

Pregnancy pillows can be made up of the following: Styrofoam ball filling, micro bead filling, polyester fiber filling, memory foam filling, and natural and organic filling. Know more about each of them before making up your mind.

– Hypoallergenic

This is an important factor because some pregnancy pillows cause allergies that can even lead to breathing complications, asthma, or worse. Choose hypoallergenic pillows that are safe for you and your baby.

– Size

Determine your pillow’s ideal size depending on your body size. Also take into consideration the size of your bed. Is it of just the right size or is it bigger than the bed?

– Soft or Firm?

If you need superior support, you need a firm pregnancy pillow. Most women prefer a soft pillow since it provides maximum comfort.

– Flexibility

Longer pillows allow for different types of sleeping positions than short ones do. Longer pillows provide better flexibility.

Are you still not sure which kind of pillow you should use during pregnancy? Consult your doctor so he/she can advise you on pregnancy pillow use depending on your condition and sleeping style.