Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow 0

Sometimes, those regular pillows around your bed won’t provide enough support, especially if you are an expecting mom. All that fluff sometimes can be excessive and at times you only need one pillow that has a sole purpose: to provide comfort and a good night’s sleep. Leahco’s Snoogle Total Body Pillow might be the one you are seeking for if you are frequently bugged by body pains and lack of sleep while pregnant.


  • 60-inch overall length
  • Supports your neck, back, hips and belly
  • Durable and ultra-comfortable
  • Machine-washable and removable covering
  • 100% polyester fiber-fill


Pregnancy can be hard on most women because of the changes they have to adapt to; the added weight can make sleeping a challenge and it can also add pain to the back, hips and neck. With a pregnancy pillow like this one from Leahco’s, those aches and lack of sleep will be alleviated, thanks to its totally comfortable form. The pillow is distinctively-designed to keep track of the body’s natural shape and contours beginning from the head down to the toe, thus accomplishing what five ordinary pillows can do.

The Snoogle body pillow can fit behind the neck for added support and it can be placed between the knees too to maintain temperature. It supports the head to provide breathing relief and if you are a pregnant woman, it can aid your belly and prop it in a manner where you will be comfortable. It is recommended for relaxing, sleeping and you can even use the pillow to nurse your baby while in bed. The whole package includes a changeable and machine-washable cover.

The pillow’s distinctive C-form design props your back, hips and stomach for overall comfort while resting and sleeping. It can relieve back pain and maintains the spine and knee in a relaxing position so pregnancy issues like back pain won’t happen. With the pillow as a support, you will never have to wake up in the morning with an aching back.

The pillow is versatile and it can be employed in various methods. You can curl up with the Snoogle and make use of the pillow as back rest while reading or watching the news. You can lay it flat and use it as a foot rest. You can use it as an overall upper body support by enfolding it all over your body.

The pillow will aid you in better sleep. If you have sleeping issues, you can sleep with this item and feel comfortable and rested. And this is not only limited to pregnant women; the Snoogle can be used for anybody who is on the hunt for a pillow that will support their neck and back while sleeping. Men, kids and older folks can use it too to aid their sleep.


Despite its array of benefits, the body pillow is expensive as compared with regular ones you use at home. It can take up plenty of space too because of its size.


If you are currently struggling with back, hip and neck pain, leg cramps and such, you should seek the added benefits of the Snoogle Total Body Pillow, especially if you are an expectant mother. Pregnant women undergo plenty of changes during this period and this can lead to undesirable effects like body discomfort. By making use of a pregnancy pillow, they can further alleviate that discomfort and finally get that restful sleep they need.

Women can maintain their spine’s alignment to assuage pains that are common pregnancy-related problems for a good night’s sleep. To relieve the tension and stress that a woman undergoes during pregnancy while sleeping and resting, she will have more pep and energy to carry out everyday activities.

The pillow is a flexible item too; whether you are experiencing a slew of physical issues that can be eased by sleeping in proper positions or not, anybody can take advantage of the Snoogle’s benefits.