High Quality – U Shaped Premium Contoured Pregnancy Maternity Body Pillow 0

While you are tackling the first few months of pregnancy, you will take note of the various changes you undergo, and these changes often go hand in hand with discomfort. There is extra weight added in your abdominal area after all, and even activities like sleeping can prove to be a challenge. If you are dealing with sleep deprivation, a pregnancy pillow may be the item you need in order to solve this cumbersome issue.

A pregnancy pillow like Blowout Bedding’s U-Shaped Premium Contoured Maternity Body Pillow is a good investment to make to help those expectant months fly by. Let us discuss whether this pillow indeed has what it takes to be your restful bed companion before the big day arrives.


  • Provides support for the belly and back
  • Has two contoured legs so users can sleep on their side or back
  • Inner contours follow natural curved shape of body
  • Includes removable zippered pillowcase
  • Aligns hips to ease joint strain


Because of the pillow’s design and material, Blowout Bedding’s maternity body pillow will provide support and comfort to individuals who are having sleep deprivation problems due to a range of body pain. By using this pillow, users will be relieved of their muscle pain and cramps since they won’t have to sleep in awkward positions anymore. The pillow will sustain a proper sleeping position to guarantee that users will have adequate, undisturbed sleep for hours.

Back problems are often caused by a spine misalignment and to adjust to this condition, the muscles will compensate, further increasing the tension. Using a maternity pillow to maintain a proper position while sleeping will keep the spine properly aligned, hence back problems will be dealt with and alleviated.

Headaches caused by stress, neck and cervical spine misalignment will be eased and prevented with regular use of the item while pregnant. If you are suffering from sciatica, you can also seek relief with this particular pillow. By positioning the item between the legs as you lie down, the lower spine will be corrected to make it straighter and alleviate the damage on the sciatic nerves which causes aches.

A properly aligned pelvis, hip and joint while sleeping is also assured by a maternity pillow. Leg pain and spasms that can result from pregnancy will be helped by lying in a specific position in which the body will not hinder blood circulation to the affected parts. Steady blood circulation will maximize oxygen and the nutrients that an aching muscle requires.

Users who have employed the product as a part of their sleeping/resting regimen loved the versatility and purpose of the pillow. You can lie on your side or the back and it guarantees perfect support so you won’t experience discomfort while sleeping. Many users also loved that the pillow stays cool; it was excellent at cooling even in higher temperatures.


The size of the pillow can be bothersome if you sleep with another person in bed. It has a life-like size thus it can take up plenty of space. In addition, its price is also higher than regular pillows.


If you are currently struggling with any of the afflictions mentioned previously, a pregnancy pillow like this one from Blowout Beddings will prove to be a great help. You can replace your regular pillows and use the U-Shaped Maternity Pillow instead. But its usage does not end there; you can also use the pillow after giving birth. You can use it as a support while nursing your baby or when the child gets a bit older, you can make use of it as an obstacle to keep the child from falling off the bed. This is a great buy and a nice investment to make while you are waiting for the big day.