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Sleeping can be a luxury while you are pregnant. But these days expectant mothers have something to be grateful for; companies have finally made a solution for physical issues that most pregnant women are saddled with. And this solution comes in the form of the pregnancy pillow.

But this kind of pillow is not the same as those pillows that grace your bed or your couch. The pregnancy pillow is especially made for expectant mothers to ease physical issues which are a result of the changes that their bodies often undergo during pregnancy. Boppy’s Pregnancy Wedge is one example of this item and the rest of this article will discuss its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Pima cotton removable and washable slipcover
  • Sized for your convenience
  • Offers firm support
  • Soft and comfy


The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge is a downsized support pillow that is crafted from polyurethane foam and offers a steady weight support for an expectant mother’s stomach area. The polyurethane foam it is made from is built with finer composition as compared with firm and strong polyurethane foam that makes up most of the cushioning used in seats and couches.

The item is designed especially for the abdominal area only. Its manufacturers have guaranteed that the item will provide a proper amount of support effectively without being too firm for a pregnant woman’s belly and at the same time, contain the appropriate softness and pliability to let air move around inside the foam material. The foam is composed of 50% cotton and 50% polyurethane for a balanced blend of firmness and malleability to support the stomach’s contours.

Apart from the stomach, the item can also be employed as a back support while resting or even as some sort of support for the baby to safeguard the child from rolling off of the mattress.

Using a pregnancy pillow on the abdominal area will do your body a lot of good. It will relieve the tension and stress that results from the additional weight on your stomach, especially from parts like the lower back. By using a wedge-shaped pillow, your body will be provided suitable leverage while resting or lying down. This item is different compared with a regular pillow because it offers ample support and it is capable of fully supporting your stomach’s weight.

Materials like polyurethane are also a nice choice for the item because it contains excellent “bounce-back” properties and it does not take in moisture so users can employ it anytime they need. The material’s heat absorption is also commendable since more air is capable of circulating inside the foam. Pima cotton is also a great choice for the slipcover for it is natural, cool and softer on the skin than any kind of fabric made from synthetics.


Because it is solely designed for the abdominal area, it cannot support the legs or lower back simultaneously, unlike full body pillows. It can only be used as a support during a midday break or as a lower back support while sitting down or resting. It cannot be used as a support while sleeping because it has a tendency to slip out while you move in your sleep.


If you are in need of total weight support for the abdominal area that you can carry with you while traveling, then Boppy’s Pregnancy Wedge is just right for you. It is lightweight and sturdy since it is designed from polyurethane foam. It is capable of maintaining its shape thanks to the solidity of the foam and it provides users sufficient stomach support where you need it the most, minus the cumbersome qualities of a full body pillow.

Apart from its chief purpose of supporting the stomach, it can also be used as a lower back support while traveling, watching TV or reading during a midday break. The price is reasonable as well, measured against other similar products, and in general, has great quality.